The Dingle Nature Reserve Working Parties


Looking after one of our local nature reserves, making it a great location to observe and learn about local plants and wildlife, allowing access for us all to enjoy it!

Sun 05 Jul 2020
07799 640420

Every first Sunday of each month, we organise a small group to help look after the Dingle Community Woodland, nestled in the Frome Valley

Our current work plan includes:

  • * Repairing steps
  • * Improving the picnic area, including cutting back fast growing brambles
  • * Keeping paths accessible
  • * Clearing the river
  • * Strengthening the banks where possible
  • * Documenting tree and plant life
  • * Helping foster diverse ecosystems through working with local professionals

This is a volunteer activity and we need to maintain numbers to keep within COVID19 restrictions at the time of the event, so please let us know if you wish to attend, so we can track numbers. 

We have selection of tools and gloves for everyone, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


Fri 14 May 2021

We have grass!

if you are visiting, please stay off it for a few weeks at least!

Mon 03 May 2021

Grass seed sown!

With the dry spell finally over and plenty of rain forecast, we've sown half of our woodland shade friendly grass seed. It may not be the optimal time to sow it, but we're hoping that with a good showery May and a bit of sunshine, it'll get a chance to germinate. We are planning to sow the second half in October.

In the meantime, if you are walking this section, please keep off the new grass :)

Sun 18 Apr 2021

Our sunny mid-April working group saw a small group out on Sunday morning to do the follow:

  • Clearing the remaining bramble roots and preparing the eastern side of the picnic area for seeding
  • Fixing the steps
  • Removing hemlock from the river bank
  • Clearing litter from the valley
Sun 11 Apr 2021

Following the lifting of strict Covid restrictions, we are restarting the working group with a one-off mid-April session to clear and level the picnic area and put down some grass seed!