New parks needed in Winterbourne

Posted in Community on Dec 14, 2021.

87% of Winterbourne parents surveyed are dissatisfied with local leisure provision for their children. 

In a survey in November 2021, we asked local parents about their experiences of local parks and leisure facilities. 86 parents responded, and most stated that there were not sufficient parks nearby. The numerous comments showed how parents were having to drive to nearby towns and villages to access parks, tennis courts, and bike tracks.

Run-down children's facilities

There is currently only one small park in Winterbourne at the Greenfield Centre, along with a skate ramp and exercise equipment for adults at the Recreation Ground (Rec). 

Most parents would like to see a new park developed at the Rec, with a similar number also requesting more leisure facilities for children at Whiteshill Common (Hambrook). 

Parents praised the new playground at Frenchay (on the former hospital site), and requested similar facilities in Winterbourne. Frenchay is situated within the Winterbourne Parish, and so is funded by the same Parish Council.

The Frenchay facilities are 2 miles from many parts of Winterbourne, and similarly the Greenfield Centre is 1.5 miles from Winterbourne Down and Hambrook - which is too far for young children to walk. This means that parents have to drive to access leisure facilities, when they would prefer to have good parks in walking distance. 

Parish Discussions

Local residents Laura Fogg-Rogers and Jamie Lee presented the survey results to Winterbourne Parish Council on 6th December - the minutes are available here:

Councilors Tim Bowles and Brian Serjent discussed how they were already investigating sites for a new playground, but they would need to discuss whether spending the Council reserves on children's leisure facilities were appropriate. The councillors discussed how they need to balance all resident's requirements. 

We will update further when we learn more about the Council's timeline for discussions. 

Winterbourne parks leisure survey 2021.pdf


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