Winterbourne is a beautiful place to live, but sadly short on facilities for parents and children. That’s why I’m standing as a candidate in the Parish Council elections on 23rd September. 

Countless parents have told me they have to travel miles to access playgrounds, tennis courts, and bike tracks. We have to use other Town and Parish council leisure areas – Bromley Heath, Frampton Cotterell, Frenchay, Bradley Stoke– even tiny Iron Acton has a larger leisure area.  

In a town of nearly 9000 residents, we could have superb facilities which are free for the community to access. These areas would bring our community together, connecting up local groups and helping us to help each other. In a time of Climate Emergency, we need thriving local communities, with safe walking, cycling, and bus routes to get about. 

That’s why, if elected, I will:

  • Push for the Parish Council's £500,000 of reserves to be invested in community facilities

  • Champion a second playground to provide valuable space for our children and parents

  • Look after and improve access to our valued green spaces

  • Campaign for improved walking and cycling paths, and better bus links for Winterbourne

Why vote for Laura Fogg-Rogers?

As a mum of two young children, these are causes close to my heart. My children attend local primary school, and we face unsafe narrow paths and speeding traffic on a daily basis. We also have to get in our car to visit other council areas if we want to access playgrounds or free leisure facilities. 

Community is very important to me and my family. I have been on the Winterbourne Down Carnival committee for four years, supporting local causes to help our community thrive.  I run the local food bank collection from All Saints Church, contributing to the Trussell Trust. And I support SEND National Crisis to help families with additional needs. 

I set up and Chair Winterbourne and Frome Valley Environmental Group. Together, we have organised local litter picks to keep our community clean. We run monthly Share and Repair Cafes to reduce waste. We’ve planted native flowers and trees to support insects and wildlife, such as the Whiteshill Common wildflowers at Hambrook. And we’re looking after our beautiful River Frome and the Parish Council local nature reserves. 

In my day job, I’m a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at UWE Bristol. I teach engineers about sustainable development, and I run a thriving climate action and outreach programme for regional schools. I know how important local communities are for our future, and I want to bring that experience into Winterbourne Parish Council.

Vote for Change. Vote for Laura Fogg-Rogers on 23rd September.  

Posted in Community, Political change on Sep 09, 2021


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